There is a slight production update on one of the upcoming live-action Star Wars series on Disney+.

According to ProductionWeekly, the brand new working title for their Kenobi series will be Pilgrim changing from the feature film incarnation’s working title of Joshua Tree. 

What this means for the show isn’t confirmed but this might suggest that Ben Kenobi might leave Tatooine at some point which I know might ruffle the feathers of fans expecting him to spend his entire time on the backwater planet. 

There is a good shot that Ben Kenobi might have to visit the Rogue One location of Jedha at some point. 

A pilgrim was an individual who travelled to locations of religious importance on journeys of spirituality. The ancient moon of Jedha was considered a sacred holy site by many, and as such was visited by pilgrims of various faiths, such as the Disciples of the Whills, the Brotherhood of the Beatific Countenance, the Clan of the Toribota, and the Central Isopter.

Star Ewan McGregor has confirmed not too long ago that the delays on the series pushed the production start to January 2021. 

Deborah Chow is officially set to direct Kenobi and as we posted previously production designer Neil Lemont (Solo, Rogue One) is expected to be part of the show’s production team. 

As it stands, it doesn’t look like Kenobi will be getting multiple seasons like The Mandalorian.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian will begin airing on Disney+ this October. 


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