It was reported and then confirmed by Netflix that they’ll be making a live-action series based on the popular anime Cowboy Bebop. 

ThatHashtagShow has revealed the character breakdowns for the live-action series as it looks like casting is about to begin soon. The information reveals a diverse cast is being put together as they’ll be seeking actors of Asian descent for Spike and Faye Valentine, Jet Black eyed for an African-American actor with others having ethnicity open. 

SPIKE: An Asian (or partially Asian) man in his mid 20’s to mid ’30s and must have athletic ability.  Spike is the young and handsome male lead with a body like Bruce Lee. His carefree demeanour hides a seriously dangerous individual.  Spike is prone to shoot first and improvise, unlike his more serious partner Jet, but he gets the job done.  Spike tries to hide his sensitive side but is a sucker for a damsel in distress and is haunted by his past.

FAYE VALENTINE: An Asian (or mixed heritage) woman in her early 20’s to mid 30’s and must have athletic ability.  Faye is the female lead of the show. She is an attractive bounty hunter with a sharp tongue.  She’s a survivor who will con anyone to get what she wants.  Faye has no memory of her early life, including family or friends. So, even though she’ll never admit it, she likes working with the other members of the Bebop crew.

JET BLACK: An African American (or partial African American) man in his mid 30’s to early 50’s.  An ex-cop, Jet looks intimidating but is a softy at heart. He became fed up with the corrupt system, but he still catches criminals as a bounty hunter.  While Jet believes in the law, he will always back up a friend.  Occasionally, he will even relax and have fun.

RADICAL ED: 14-year-old girl, must have athletic ability and short stature.  Ed is a 14-year-old computer genius and expert hacker whose talents are indispensable.  She is extremely energetic with a child-like wonder and is eccentric, bordering on the bizarre.

VICIOUS: A man in his mid 20’s to mid 30’s of any ethnicity, with pale skin and white hair.  Vicious is the merciless leader of the criminal organization known as the Syndicate. He will kill anyone who gets in the way of his business without a second thought.

JULIA: A woman in her mid 20’s to mid 30’s of any ethnicity.  Julia is a sophisticated blonde damsel in distress that has a mysterious connection to Spike.  She appears to him in visions and whispers to him about his past.  The real Julia is the girlfriend of the merciless Syndicate leader Vicious.

The outlet also supports the previous reporting from DiscussingFilm that they’re aiming to start shooting the series in April. Casting announcements should be coming very soon.  


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