Lionsgate has been sending out virally the release date for John Wick: Chapter 4 to fans, officially announcing the fourth movie is coming out on May 21st, 2021. The third film, of course, ends with a large cliffhanger leaving room for multiple sequels.

This news comes off the heels of a franchise high domestic opening for John Wick 3, earning an impressive $56.8 million ($93 million globally) given that the R-rated action film isn’t filled with comic book superheroes.

Keanu Reeves (speaking with GQ) and director Chad Stahelski (speaking with EW) had promised fans if audiences came out to the support the latest installment they would make more movies. The assumption is that the pair would be coming back.

Reeves’s name can still help secure financing for action movies of a certain size, and sometimes those turn into a John Wick. He’s not unhappy playing John, says he’ll make more of these things if the demand is there. “As far as my legs can take me,” he says. “As far as the audience wants to go.”

Stahelski reveals that he would happily make a fourth John Wick film if the audience enjoys this movie, but he isn’t counting his chickens yet. “We did the first one and were like, ‘They’re going to laugh at us,’” he says. “This one, I’m already looking for janitorial jobs.”

This 2021 release date would likely suggest that filming on John Wick 4 would begin sometime in 2020.


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