Warner Bros. has been trying to put together a live-action Jonny Quest film for years, most notably having Robert Rodriguez attached to direct at one point.

A new report from TheWrap now says that the studio is moving forward again with their Jonny Quest film. They reveal that Lego Batman director Chris McKay is now set to direct the live-action adaption of the classic 1960s animated adventure series which has been a massive influence on pulp culture including the wildly creative animated series The Venture Bros. from Adult Swim (owned by WB) and Pixar’s The Incredibles.

The film will be based on the popular Hanna-Barbera primetime animated series created by Doug Wildey in the mid-1960s. The story centers on the adventurous boy hero Jonny Quest who travels with his scientist father, his adopted brother Hadji, and their former secret agent bodyguard, Race Bannon, around the world to solve world-threatening mysteries.

They also mention that the key role of Race Bannon will be going out to a major star, although, that sort of limits the choices significantly as Bannon is a hulking figure.

McKay’s next film will be the Dungeons and Dragons movie for Paramount, which is expected to begin filming next spring in the United Kingdom. He was also attached for a Nightwing movie as well but that project has been placed on hiatus indefinitely.

A production start or release date for Jonny Quest has yet to be revealed.



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