It was previously reported that the upcoming drama The News of The World would reunite director Paul Greengrass and Oscar-winner Tom Hanks, who previously worked together on Captain Phillips.

The project recently moved from Fox 2000 (now shuttered) to Universal Pictures.

Set in 1870, revolving around a road trip through the untamed West taken by unlikely traveling partners. On the one hand is Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a Texan who travels from town to town to read the news to locals who would otherwise not know what is going on in the world. While Kidd’s idea of excitement is spreading the word of the passage of the 15th Amendment that gave voting rights to all men, he gets a jolt when he agrees to escort a 10-year-old white girl to her aunt and uncle in San Antonio after she was rescued from the Kiowa Indian tribe that kidnapped her and killed her family four years earlier. His traveling partner is an ornery youngster who didn’t want to be rescued and brought to her relatives. Together they face the inhospitable frontier.

We’ve learned that production designer David Crank is expected to join the production.

David’s production design credits include The Master, Inherent Vice, Knives Out, and Tom Hank’s upcoming WWII naval film Greyhound. As an art director, he worked on There Will Be Blood, Hannibal, The Tree of Life, and The New World.

The film’s script was adapted by Catch-22’s Luke Davies and based on the novel by Paulette Jiles.

Universal Pictures has yet to give the film a release date.


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