After some problematic tweets resurfaced, stand-up comedian/comedic actor Kevin Hart has stepped down as the next Oscars host for the 2019 awards ceremony. Hart seemingly felt cornered for homophobic jokes that haven’t exactly aged well and was reportedly given an ultimatum to apologize or quit. Hart confirmed his stepping down on his Twitter account.

This isn’t a shocking move on the part of The Academy as they previously had to remove Brett Ratner from producing the Oscars with host Eddie Murphy for similar homophobic comments, although, Ratner isn’t a professional comedian. Ratner would later be accused of sexual harassment/misconduct.

One way to go moving forward might be finding an Oscar host that might be less expected, my choice is SNL alum, Maya Rudolph. She is a fantastic performer, singer, comedian, and had one of the more memorable Oscar moments alongside co-presenter Tiffany Haddish last year. Maya also has years of improv skills that would be perfect for a live broadcast, a lot of former hosts don’t exactly have that kind of background which would be considered an asset.

It also doesn’t hurt that Maya has been featured in movies that have been nominated for Oscars including Bridesmaids, Inherent Vice, and Big Hero 6, the latter winning Best Animated Feature Film.

Ultimately, the Academy will find someone that could handle the duties and our hope is that they’ll keep their search for new people instead of looking to safe returning hosts that have tackled the ceremony on multiple occasions.


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