After the Marvel Studios presentation at CCXP 2019 in Brazil, Kevin Feige sat down with Brazilian outlet Omelete for an on-camera interview where he gave some more details about Eternals.

FEGIE: “After [Avengers: Endgame], did anybody see Endgame [looks around to the crowd to cheers]? Okay, good.”

We wanted to do something different the MCU is about growing and evolving. And you look at the amazing work that the artists and writers, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby everybody has done over 80 years in the comics there are so many more stories to tell.

“And Jack Kirby created these characters The Eternals, an epic that spans 7,000 years of human history has cosmic connotations, changes everything we know about the MCU and that is what we wanted to do along with Black Widow for the beginning of Phase 4 to add something totally new, totally different as we keep going to new places.”

Kevin also confirmed that we’ll see Mesopotamia in the film as well, which would explain the Babylon set.

FEIGE: “To present-day to Mesopotamia to all sorts of locations and time periods and really feels like nothing we’ve done before and I’m glad that Brazil got that first look anywhere of that footage.”

When asked if we would eventually see a new Thanos, Kevin responded with a tease that they’re working up to the next big crossover event film which is already in some form of development.

FEIGE: “The MCU is connected but we really only focus on one movie at a time. We’re going to make the best Black Widow we can possibly make the best Eternals we can make the next [is] Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, right? And keep evolving their stories and seeing them come together in a master plan. Which I promise you is well underway.”

Also, he says that The Eternals are aware of The Avengers, and suggests they’ll eventually bump into each other.

FEIGE: “The Eternals know the existence of the Avengers, The Avengers don’t know much about The Eternals, yet.”

When asked about The Deviants Kevin says they’ll be taking a slightly different route with them.

FEIGE: “Deviants are in the film…we’ll see Deviants that will look unlike any Deviants you’ve seen in the comics. This is a new form of Deviants we’re revealing in the movie.”

He was also coy about saying if Thanos would be appearing in the film/franchise (it’s unlikely outside of flashbacks) and sort of gives the impression they’ll be focusing on the new characters.

FEIGE: “Thanos in the comics was an Eternal on Titan, there may be connections but really this about new ten characters that are played by an incredible group of actors that we’re focusing on.”

While hyping up the Disney+ shows, Feige seemingly suggests that their shows will be the first official MCU television shows which seemingly dismisses whatever Marvel Television had been doing before Kevin took over the reins from Jeph Loeb as they didn’t really interlink like these upcoming shows.

FEIGE: “…after Endgame thinking what can we do next…Disney+, which is coming to Brazil later next year, is going to give us this opportunity to tell even deeper stories on characters that you already love…in a new type of a cinematic way that we haven’t done before we’ve already started shooting two of them and they’re very special.

 “And for the first time will all interlink, so the MCU will be on your TV screen at home on Disney+ and interact with the movies and move back and forth. It’s exciting to expand the MCU to bigger and better heights. “

This wouldn’t be a hard thing to swallow given that none of the shows from Marvel Television has really ever impacted the movies and Feige (now overseeing film and television at Marvel as chief creative officer) is potentially removing the Loeb era of shows (most are being cancelled) to make way for his own hard-canon series instead.



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