ComicBook was able to speak with Marvel Studios head last month and while they’ve piecemealed most of the interview over the last couple of weeks, one nifty quote I think we may have missed because of the big spoilers involved.

The big reveal during the first post credit scene was that Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons has returned to the role of J. Jonah Jameson, but a version set firmly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Jameson is now a controversial online news figure (possibly conspiracy or TMZ type show) where he posts a video that reveals Peter Parker’s secret identity and manipulated footage giving the impression that he has killed a heroic Mysterio along with attacking civilians in London (seemingly crafted by Quentin Beck’s minions).

Kevin revealed to ComicBook that having J.K. Simmons return to the role has been in the works for a while.

FEIGE: “It was an idea we had from the very earliest conversations of, if we at Marvel Studios get to work with Sony and make a Spider-Man movie, we want to bring Jameson back, somehow. And thinking about who it could be, we really thought J.K. as an actor is so versatile, and you look at his amazing iconic performance in the Raimi films. But then look at his amazing performances in Whiplash and in other films. You go, it can be the same guy but a different tone, and tap into sort of more modern, news personalities of today.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Jameson will have a large role in Spider-Man 3 and where the project will go from the cliffhanger. Also, if he’s able to get out of the city with help from Happy Hogan to clear his name before he is caught.

I know there has been some major speculation online that this would open the door for Daredevil’s Matt Murdock to come into the picture, but if Kevin Feige has any desire to use the character after getting the film rights back from 20th Century Fox he wouldn’t have quickly handed them over to Marvel Television and Netflix for their streaming series starring Charlie Cox.

Murdock isn’t the only lawyer superhero in Marvel Comics as Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk would make a lot more sense to me personally given her direct connections to The Avengers (that’s if Parker even sees the inside of a courtroom which might not even happen).

I’m sure Peter’s Avengers family such as Bruce Banner will attempt to help defend him from these accusations by getting him a lawyer while Nick Fury is busy off-world and isn’t able to help him clear his name.

Tom Holland has one more movie on his Marvel/Sony contract which is expected to be used for the untitled third solo film.

Feige will be officially attending San Diego Comic-Con next week and could announce a release date/plans for Spider-Man 3 along with other information on Phase 4 movies.



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