io9 was able to speak with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige who seemed end some speculation concerning when we can expect to see their reboot of the X-Men franchise, suggesting that could be five years away. Notice how he said X-Men and didn’t say we wouldn’t see mutants over those five years?

“It’ll be a while,” Feige told io9 when asked about bringing the X-Men into the MCU. “It’s all just beginning and the five-year plan that we’ve been working on, we were working on before any of that was set. So really it’s much more, for us, less about specifics of when and where [the X-Men will appear] right now and more just the comfort factor and how nice it is that they’re home. That they’re all back. But it will be a very long time.”

“The slate that we’re building over the next five years [is] not apples to apples,” he said when asked to compare the past and the future. “It is two very distinct things and I hope they’ll feel very distinct. But there is a similar mentality going into it, which is ‘How can we continue to tell stories with some of the characters that audiences already know and love in a unique way, in a different way, in a surprising way, of which we have a lot of plans and ideas and work already going into it?’ [Then] ‘How can we introduce new characters that even hardcore fans, comic fans, have barely known or barely heard of.’ That’s really exciting too.”

Now, what’s interesting is they don’t seem to get clarity from Feige about if he was talking about the X-Men team or all mutants, the team is getting a full reboot according to the recent CinemaCon presentation calling Dark Phoenix the “final chapter” in Fox’s X-Men saga. While Deadpool (with Ryan Reynolds presumably still in the role) has been confirmed as the only character making the full jump to Marvel Studios without a reboot. I think Feige chose his words very wisely here and has no intention revealing what they plan on doing in Phase 4.

Deadpool might be a mutant, but he’s not really an X-Men so that statement might only be concerning the team as a whole showing up. Technically he could be have been purposely vague. Also, there is a very good chance The Eternals could explain the origins of mutant gene via The Celestials.

Disney’s Bob Iger and Alan Horn seem very confident to speak publicly that they want more Deadpool films/sequels the assumption they were talking about Deadpool 3 and X-Force, films that were already in development stages before the merger.

Even if Feige is keeping the Phase 4 plans secret even to the point of Marvel not even officially confirming Black Widow is even happening months before filming begins in London. The rest of the upcoming films alongside Widow include Shang-Chi, The Eternals, Black Panther 2, and Doctor Strange 2. All projects that Marvel and Disney are pretending aren’t happening as they haven’t announced them publicly and likely won’t do so until Avengers: Endgame is released.


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