Kevin Feige Is Now Officially Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer – Has Creative Control Over Film, TV, Animation, and Comics

Marvel Studios’ head Kevin Feige just received a massive promotion at Marvel as the president will also be the chief creative officer as he’ll now oversee films, television, and comic books/publishing.

The big news announced by Disney coming via TheHollywoodReporter.

In a reflection of his growing authority, Marvel president Kevin Feige has also been named the company’s chief creative officer, Disney said on Tuesday. The move puts the overall creative direction of Marvel’s storytelling and content creation across mediums, including publishing, film, TV, and animation, under Feige.

This comes after reports that future projects handled by Marvel Television (headed-up by Jeph Loeb) would be focusing more on animation, not live-action. Loeb is still staying it seems, but how long that lasts remains to be seen.

Marvel Television had been developing a Ghost Rider series with Gabriel Luna reprising the role of Robbie Reyes for Hulu only for it to suddenly be killed, this coming after the Marvel Television/Netflix series had been all cancelled and Agents of SHIELD is coming to an end at ABC.

It seems like Disney is looking towards the future and making sure future live-action television projects will be hard-canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not adjacent as previous shows only had a onesided connect to the movies.

The more shocking part here is that Feige would be getting involved with the animation and comics side of things. Television isn’t much of a shock given that he had recently announced a wave of MCU canon shows coming to Disney+ that included The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight.

I have to assume that any future live-action television series will be hard-canon MCU projects given that Feige will be involved creatively.

The film division has basically changed the landscape of the film business and Avengers: Endgame was such a stunning success it toppled Avatar to become the highest-grossing film (unadjusted).

Feige is also reportedly getting involved with the Star Wars franchise as he’ll be producing/developing a feature film alongside Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy.

It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll be able to juggle all these projects, but one of the best things about Kevin has been the talented/massive producing team he’s surrounded himself with at Marvel Studios.


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