Marvel’s Kevin Feige hasn’t talked much on the subject of the upcoming project The Eternals but he gave a brief comment to BoinicBuzz (via ComicBook) during the Ryman Arts event being held in Los Angeles.

“Your reaction about not being familiar with the Eternals is perfect, because most people weren’t familiar with Guardians [of the Galaxy] and believe it or not there were people that were not familiar with Avengers or with Iron Man,” Feige says. “So for us, its finding great stories whether people have heard of them or not and bring them to the big screen in as amazing a way as we can.”

Chloe Zhao was recently announced as the film’s director with Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo penning the script. Bumblebee director Travis Knight had been reportedly in the mix before Zhao’s hiring.

This incarnation will reportedly be from the perspective of team members Ikaris and Sersi, the latter eventually became a full-fledged member of the Avengers. Also the pair will see their love story explored, this would be a little more romantic than previous Marvel movies.

The Jack Kirby comic book team focused on a group of god-like superheroes that had their DNA tinkered with by the Celestials (first seen in Guardians of The Galaxy) to give them superpowers. The Celestials were also responsible for inserting the mutant genes in early man (could be how the X-Men are explained for the MCU). Kirby took direct influence from the novel Chariots of The Gods by Erinch von Daniken.

ThatHashtagShow recently suggested that filming on The Eternals could begin by next September.

There has also been speculation that The Eternals could be ready to be released on November 6th, 2020. Although, this hasn’t been confirmed by Marvel Studios.


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