It’s no secret at this point the most recent Star Wars outing, Solo: A Star Wars Story, disappointed at the box office. And due in no small part to the frequency of the films being released and the direction they’ve chosen to go in, the Star Wars fan based seems more split than ever. But it seems that this may be leading to shake-ups over at Disney and Lucasfilm, the biggest one being a rumor that Lucasfilms president, Kathleen Kennedy may be departing the studio.

This comes to us from a new edition of Hollywood news-and-scuttlebutt newsletter The Ankler, which details some of the problems behind the scenes that may have led to this outcome. This ranges from director changes (Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Colin Trevorrow) to a lack of narrative and creative direction for the Star Wars series. Ankler even go so far as to assert that the direction seems to have trouble connecting to anyone under 40 who didn’t grow up with the original films.

However, they pose the idea that Kathleen Kennedy won’t be fired, but instead wants to leave. The evidence provided ranges from the constant fights behind the scenes and backlash she’s gotten for her time with the franchise, as well as the constant burden of communicating between LA and London to get these films made. She may have just had enough after the otherwise very regarded career that she’s had up to this point.

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