During production of DC’s 2017 film Justice League, director Zack Snyder left the production and was replaced with Joseph Whedon. Snyder previously directed DC hits Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with co-writing Wonder Woman. However, many fans of Snyder’s feel like Justice League was taken in a completely different direction after he left the production. Some even believe a version of the movie exists somewhere that is true to his original vision and have passionately advocated for its release for months now.

Some fans had hoped that Warner Bros. might answer question and possibly even confirm a “Snyder Cut” release at this week’s Comic-Con in San Diego. A petition on change.org calling on Warner to make or complete a Snyder cut has more than 178,000 signatures. Typically, director’s cuts come when a filmmaker’s original vision and direction was distorted by studio interference. In the reworked version of Blade Runner, a voice-over imposed by producers for the 1982 theatrical release was eliminated. Other notable films that received director’s cut releases include Once Upon a Time in America, Touch of Evil, Apocalyplse Now and Superman II.

snyder cut


However, film journalist Ben Fritz tweeted early Thursday that a Warner Bros. executive confirmed to him that the studio has no plans or intentions to release any new versions of the film, including a ‘Snyder Cut.’ Some who worked on Justice League claim that while Snyder did indeed put together a rough cut after principal photography was completed in 2016, he never intended for it to be released. In addition, they argue that Snyder oversaw most of Whedon’s newly written scenes and had planned to shoot them himself before the death of his daughter prompted him to leave the production entirely. With no news coming at Comic-Con, the hopes of those hoping for a Snyder version of the film are now likely dashed.

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