While a bulk of a recent article from TheHollywoodReporter speculates on the future of studio head Kathleen Kennedy at Lucasfilm (Kennedy’s contract expires in 2021 and plenty of people are making assumptions about what will happen after that) without any real concrete details.

They do add a sourced tidbit that suggests The Mandalorian duo of Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni would have a bigger say with the future of Star Wars, something that should make fans of the Disney+ series happy.

…sources say it seems likely that Favreau will have a lot of say over the future of Star Wars. These sources also say Kennedy’s ideal team includes key roles for Michelle Rejwan, a producer on Episode IX and Lucasfilm’s senior vp live action development and production, and Dave Filoni, the veteran animation director and George Lucas protege who directed live action for the first time with two episodes of Mandalorian. Even if remaining at Lucasfilm is not in the cards for Kennedy, this plan would enable her to trumpet that she has done the job she was hired to do — completing the Skywalker saga — and left the franchise in good hands.

Favreau is already currently working on the second season of The Mandalorian as writer/producer and has revealed he’ll officially direct an episode this time.

What this bigger role entails is currently unknown.

It would be interesting if they’ll ask Jon to direct movies, which sounds like will be the logical next move for him at Lucasfilm. He was a key part to the foundation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man and Iron Man 2 helping to get audiences ready for The Avengers along with the massively successful connective superhero universe.

There are plenty of ways for Favreau to take a more creative role within the Star Wars franchise with both television and film.

Chapter 3 of The Mandalorian will air tomorrow on Disney+.

I have to assume outlets and fans will be speculating the future of Kennedy’s role at the studio as they have been for months. Even when some had incorrectly reported her exit was incoming only for her to re-up her contract.


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