DiscussingFilm has posted a tweet suggesting that the Warner Bros. live-action adaptation of Akira directed by Taika Waititi might be adding cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. (A Walk Among The Tombstones, The Hate U Give, Sleepless), who recently worked alongside Taika on his WWII anti-hate satire Jojo Rabbit that will be released this October.

We previously revealed that Thor: Ragnarok and Jojo Rabbit production designer Ra Vincent is also part of Akira’s production team.

Using the working title Box 28, Akira is said to begin filming this summer in Los Angeles, California.

Casting should be the next big step for the film as Waititi has promised publicly to cast Asian leads after the studio attempted multiple times to whitewash the lead roles of the science fiction manga/anime adaptation that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and history.

Taika has also said he’s looking to the original manga instead of the anime film as inspiration for the live-action film.

Set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, the original story revolves around a teen, Tetsuo, who discovers he has powerful telekinetic abilities that threaten the world. Once a member of a biker gang, the only person who seems to be able to stop the all-powerful and dangerous teen is his childhood friend and gang leader, Kaneda. 

Warner Bros. has set Akira’s release date for May 21st, 2021.


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