One of the biggest surprises of 2018 was the directorial debut of John Krasinski with his horror film A Quiet Place. The film was such a success that Platinum Dunes and Paramount Pictures have already fast-tracked a sequel. John has seemingly dropped some new details on the project.

While speaking with Deadline, writer-director John Krasinski has revealed that their plan for the sequel is to focus on new perspectives and characters in the world they’ve established in the first installment.

“But the idea for it is pretty simple. I’m writing now—I don’t have it fleshed out—but the thought that occurred to me, that really excited me about it, was that most sequels are about the return of a hero or a villain. You take this character that people loved once and you bring them back, and you have to create a new world around them. We have the exact opposite setup. We have the world, and you can drop whoever you want into that world and everyone feels connected to it. The reason I decided to go back, in the end, was this world is so rich, and it’s so much fun to explore. There are so many different things to see now. Everyone else in the world is experiencing this, so I’m curious to see what that looks like from another perspective.”

At the very least we should start hearing some production details soon as the film will likely begin filming sometime this year, ahead of its release in 2020.

The release date for A Quiet Place 2 has already been set for May 15th, 2020.


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