Avengers 4 is a bit of an enigma in the current climate of news concerning blockbuster movies and comic book adaptations specifically. Even the film’s title has become newsworthy and plenty of theories have made their way online concerning what the film will look like and who will survive.

However, Marvel Studios has been keeping mum on a lot of details concerning the film and hasn’t even started the main promotional run. This has led to plenty of false rumors and plot details circulating, not unlike what we’ve seen with the Star Wars franchise. A clear sign that people are very much excited about the film that is expected to end an era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When people involved with the film are revealing tidbits, we’re all ears.

Joe Russo held a Q&A on Duello Bar’s Instagram account. Thankfully the stream was captured by MCUCosmic, who posted it on YouTube. In the stream, Joe reveals that the current edit of the film is around three hours.

Beware the audio is a little hard to make out.

”The running time on Avengers 4.. currently is sitting RighT at three hours. We’ll see if that holds. But we’re sitting at three hours..”

Avengers 4 will focus on the fallout from Avengers: Infinity War with the remaining heroes, other than that we don’t have a lot of concrete or official details. The ramifications of the next installment will most likely have a massive impact on the future of the MCU.

Marvel Studios has set its release date for May 3rd, 2019 but could end up getting a global release date in April.


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