Our pals over at ThatHashtagShow are reporting that actress Jenna Ortega is in the mix for one of the lead roles in Jason Reitman’s in-canon Ghostbusters movie. Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things, IT, IT: Chapter 2) and Carrie Coon (Fargo, Gone Girl) had been recently officially announced by trades as playing mother and son in the movie.

That Hashtag Show has now learned Jenna Ortega is “high on the list” of actresses set to join the new proton-pack wearing bunch.

They also posted two updated character breakdowns and two of the younger lead breakdowns that HN Entertainment previously posted back in January. We also posted an audition tape for what is said to be the main role. The new ones include the roles for Finn Wolfhard and Jenna, skewing a little older than previously.

TEEN BOY (Male/15/Lead) – He is fifteen, but tells people he’s seventeen. He’s passionate about auto-mechanics. he’s often trying to help his little sister (GIRL) navigate the world as she struggles with traditional friendships. His family moves to town and he’s immediately smitten with TEEN GIRL. (Interested in Finn Wolfhard)

TEEN GIRL (Female/17/Lead) – Works at a local American Graffiti style carhop on roller skates. She’s cool and quick-witted. She meets TEEN BOY and begins a flirtation that turns into a real friendship. (Interested in Jenna Ortega)

The film is said to focus on a family that moves back to a small town, which would explain why the Ecto-1 was sitting in a barn during the announcement trailer.

Filming is said to begin this June in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

While the film is said to be set directly within the canon of the first two original films, it has yet to be announced if original cast members would be reprising their roles in the new movie.

Sony Pictures has given Ghostbusters an official release date of July 10th, 2020.


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