According to a tweet posted by ProductionWeekly, Sony Pictures is looking to begin filming Ghostbusters starting on June 25th in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I previously stated that Sony would likely shoot the film in Canada as Jason Reitman being Canadian and shooting other films there, although assumed it would other cities.

The western Canadian city of Alberta, Calgary is best known as the production homestead for FX’s series Fargo. It’s also the perfect place if you’re looking to shoot a film that is set in a small/farm town, as the city hosts the Calgary Stampede every summer taking place this July.

I actually happen to have family that lives out there, so I’m familiar with the location.

HN Entertainment previously posted two rounds of character breakdowns for the new young leads of the film. This film is officially set in the same cinematic universe of the first two movies that means it would ignore Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters movie as that movie was a reboot and had original actors playing different characters.

There is an expectation here that some original actors could reprise their roles, who that might be is currently unknown but Dan Aykroyd (expected to produce alongside Ivan Reitman) and Ernie Hudson are likely the best bet as Billy Murray has been notoriously difficult about returning for previous incarnations of Ghostbusters 3.

Sony Pictures has given Jason Reitman’s Ghostbusters the release date of July 10th, 2020.


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