Well it seems like now, more than ever, is the best time to be a Joker fan. Outside of the Joker standalone film announced to take place outside of the DC Extended Universe (and potentially starring Joaquin Phoenix), it seems Warner Bros. has plans for one within the DCEU as well.

This comes to us from Variety, who sources tell them that Warner Bros. is looking into creating a spin-off standalone starring Jared Leto’s Joker from Suicide Squad. We have no details about the plot yet, but the general idea behind this seems to be that DC and WB want to expand the universe around the Suicide Squad film by given several of its characters their own standalone films.

First, we have a “girl gang,” Birds of Prey film centered around Harley Quinn, alongside a potential Harley Quinn solo movie. We previously have heard word about a Deadshot solo film and even a Joker & Harley “Mad Love,” film as well. Then, the Jared Leto Joker film will come out some time after that, but there may be even more in the works beyond that. Suicide Squad 2 is reportedly also in development, as well as Gotham City Sirens.


Apparently, DC didn’t want there to be any confusion about whether or not they were done with Leto in the wake of the Todd Phillips’ Joker Origin film starring Joaquin Phoenix. They still intend to move forward with Leto as the Joker in their cinematic universe, and the Phillips film will kick off a new banner of Origin films unconnected to anything else or each other that will allowing multiple interpretations of the same character to appear on screen without overlap.

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