James Gunn took his official Instagram to answer a wave of fan questions.

One of the questions answered on his Instagram stories included which Guardian of The Galaxy character he’d most like to see get their own solo movie.

His reply being Dave Bautista’s Drax The Destroyer.

Instagram posts on stories tend to be deleted within a day or so unless they’re archived, so take a look at the post below.

You might remember how vocal Dave Bautista was about not moving on with Guardians of The Galaxy 3 without James Gunn to the point he sort of suggested he would quit the Drax role if it came down to it. That loyalty seemingly working both ways.

Drax has been one of the few Guardians not to really have their stories terribly fleshed out as his daughter Moondragon has yet to make her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and certainly could have his own fun adventures throughout the cosmic corner of the MCU.

Basically, I could picture a Drax solo movie looking like a sci-fi fantasy version of Conan The Barbarian.

What happens to the Guardians after the third installment remains a mystery but I’m sure James Gunn could convince Marvel Studios to make a Drax movie if he is actually serious about that desire.

Dave is currently shooting Zack Snyder’s action-horror film Army of The Dead and is expected to play Drax once more in Guardians of The Galaxy 3, production on the Marvel Studios sequel is said to begin once James Gunn completes his work on The Suicide Squad (filming in Atlanta).

Guardians of The Galaxy 3 is currently without production or release dates.


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