Yesterday, writer/director James Gunn took to his Instagram account to allow fans to ask him questions during a Q&A session on Instagram Stories.

Someone asked him about Star Wars actor Mark Hamill taking a role in Guardians of The Galaxy 3. However, James Gunn seemed to shut down the rumbling that Mark Hamill would be showing up in the film downplaying any talks between himself and Hamill actually having taken place.

GUNN: “Mark is my friend. We have never had these talks you speak of.”

You can check out that exchange below.

You might remember that over a year ago James and Mark discovered they were neighbors and eventually met up.

Gunn is currently deep into production with The Suicide Squad, so I doubt he’s terribly concerned about casting for the third Guardians film at the moment.

However, once he completes The Suicide Squad he’ll then move his attentions over to the delayed Marvel Studios sequel.

This also doesn’t mean Hamill is 100% not going to be in the movie, it just sounds like James is clarifying that they haven’t actually talked about it, yet.

Guardians of The Galaxy 3 hasn’t been given an official release date but there is a good chance it’ll land either a release date in 2022 or 2023.


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