After the weird saga surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 writer/director James Gunn, many fans weren’t surprised Warner Bros. scooped him up ASAP. As the events unfolded, Gunn was announced as the new writer/director for a sequel reboot of 2016’s Suicide Squad and later reinstated as the director for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Currently titled The Suicide Squad, Gunn can hopefully bring a more organic feel to the characters and setting, as opposed to the half-baked attempt WB utilized trying to replicate Gunn’s style.

Engaging with fans on Instagram (on a now-deleted IG story), Gunn elaborated on how much creative freedom Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment provided:

“As has been reported many times, DC offered me whatever film I wanted to do, including some sort of Superman movie (not specifically Man of Steel 2 as I’ve seen reported)…I chose The Suicide Squad because it’s one of my favorite properties in the world. It’s the story I wanted to tell more than any other.”

James Gunn writing and directing a Superman movie would be an interesting gamble. He’d likely take the character, hopefully still Henry Cavill’s interpretation, in a drastically different direction than director Zack Snyder. His comments not being limited to a Man of Steel sequel are also in line with reports that both Michael B. Jordan and J.J. Abrams have had discussions with Warner Bros. regarding a Superman movie. No matter the direction Warner Bros. decides to take their iconic character, hopefully they’d consider letting Henry Cavill don the House of El symbol one last time.


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