James Gunn Has No Idea What Alpha Groot Is – Says Vin Diesel Hasn’t Read ‘Guardians of The Galaxy 3’ Script

You might remember a while back that during the promotion of his upcoming release of Bloodshot, actor Vin Diesel attempted to tease about his return to the role of Groot in Guardians of The Galaxy 3 by mentioning “Alpha Groot”. 

However, while answering fan questions on Twitter writer/director James Gunn seemingly refuted those claims by not knowing what Alpha Groot was and clarified that Vin hasn’t read the script. 




Gunn is normally a straight-shooter with fans and goes out of his way to debunk rumors and misinformation circulating online about his projects. 

James is currently in post for The Suicide Squad and it’s unclear when he’ll be completed with that project with the coronavirus likely turning most post-production processes into a snail’s pace. 

Everyone should brace for production delays across the board for most television and film projects in the coming months while California is on lockdown and the rest of the world deals with slowing the spread of COVID-19 which could have direct impacts on upcoming productions and those looking to be completed. 

James is expected to jump into Guardians of The Galaxy 3 next and while Vin Diesel also teased Guardians showing up in Thor: Love & Thunder, that tidbit might also be in question. 

Marvel Studios has yet to give Guardians 3 an official release date. 


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