After the success of the reboot of Stephen King’s famed novel, IT, Warner Bros. have already begun plans for the second installment of the story. With the story too long to be confined to one movie, the producers have taken a similar approach to the original TV movie production of the novel, which was a also a two-part production. As far as release dates are concerned, Warner Bros. have begun to lock down several release dates in coming years that could be distributed among several projects, with IT 2, likely to be one of them. The film can probably be expected sooner rather than later, as the fast-growing child actors that made the first movie such a hit are on a ticking clock for their child-actor years. Also given the fact that IT’s September release did so well at the box office, the most likely prediction for a release date at the moment would be September 27, 2019; a date Warner Bros. has already laid claim to.

When it comes to rating, the first film held nothing back, and there’s no reason to expect the sequel will do so either. Though the 1990s TV movie production had to be scaled back due to network restrictions, the 2017 film stayed true to the novel in use of profanity and violence. Don’t expect the sequel to be anything other than a classic R-rated horror film.

The first film only covers the first part of the novel, set when the main characters were children, while part two takes place much later, with the kids now 40-year old adults. The sequel will continue the story 27 years after the events of IT, with The Losers Club forced to return to Derry, Maine when they learn that Pennywise has returned and begun killing once again. With the exception of Mike, who stayed in Derry after all the others left, the entire Losers Club has no recollection of what happened to them as kids, and find their memories start to return when they get back to the haunted burb. While the second film will feature the adult versions of each character, the plan is to bring back each of the young cast member. Their roles will be centered in flashbacks to events occurring in the first installment, revealing more about what happened in their childhood and the evil clown can be defeated.

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