Yesterday, TheHollywoodReporter revealed that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige would get a shot at developing his own Star Wars movie alongside Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy and mentioned that he already had an actor in mind if the project actually got made.

However, they never mentioned who that actor might be and speculation on that front is likely going to be a topic of discussion for months.

If this actor isn’t even part of the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe that could be slightly interesting but if they are we might have a couple of ideas who that could be.

First, we know that Samuel L. Jackson played a role in the Star Wars universe as prequel Jedi Knight Mace Windu, who by Sam’s accounts isn’t dead.

Jackson has remained open to the idea of reprising Mace Windu for years now.

There is a shot that perhaps they want to tackle a film that could incorporate an older version of Windu who is now in hiding during the Empire’s rule over the galaxy. Then again, that sounds more like something they’d want to make for Disney+ and they did mention something “new”, suggesting a brand new group of characters/setting.

Another option could be an actor who has a close relationship to Jackson and bragged to EntertainmentWeekly about getting to hold Mace’s lightsaber, then mentioning a desire to play a Jedi.

That being Captain Marvel actress and Oscar-winner Brie Larson.

During an interview with EntertainmentWeekly, Samuel was talking about playing a Jedi and it changing his life and Brie chimed-in with these statements revealing that she just might be a super-fan.

LARSON: “It’s so cool. I wish I was a Jedi.”

“I got to hold his lightsaber! He brought it to me on set on May the 4th, and I cried. It was so cool. I wanna be a Jedi.”

Her Star Wars fandom doesn’t seem to end there as she attended Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge, posing with Disney CEO Bob Iger and eventually dressed up in Jedi robes. If anyone could make her dream come true to be a Jedi, Iger seemingly would be a person to make that happen.

Larson off-the-bat led Captain Marvel to help Disney land a billion-dollar hit and is expected to play a large role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years to come with Captain Marvel 2 and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan is inspired by Carol Danvers) Disney+ series on the horizon.

Her established relationship with both Kevin Feige and Disney certainly wouldn’t hurt her chances.

Having her on both fronts wouldn’t be a terrible idea to help boost awareness for her as a leading franchise actress and give this Star Wars movie a little bit of star power, which seemingly hasn’t been much of a priority with lead castings.

I also think it would be a lot of fun to troll the intersections of fandom that seemingly both hate Brie Larson/Captain Marvel and the female-centric era of Star Wars.

UPDATE: Brie Larson recently posted this cheeky tweet on her official Twitter account.

She likely isn’t the only fan of the franchise with lots of folks in the MCU, but at the moment Larson seems like a strong contender. This also pure speculation on our part and would be wary of anyone claiming concrete knowledge of Larson’s participation this early in the development stages of Kevin Feige’s project.

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