After we saw the death of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame sacrificing himself to defeat Thanos and his army, there will certainly be a gap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. There is a chance we could see some characters step up to the plate and take on the next Iron Man mantle as we saw with Petter Potts taking on the Rescue alter-ego from the comics.

An interesting thing is that there have been some small teases that we could be seeing Young Avengers in the future (Miles Morales, Kate Bishop, and Cassie Lang are already chilling in the MCU). Kevin Feige has suggested that Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel and Nova (Sam Alexander is a Young Avenger) could be coming in the future.

If Robert Downey Jr. had his way there could be another potential Young Avenger coming in the future too. Ironheart writer Eve Ewing relayed some public statements made by Robert Downey Jr. at the Film Center Gala, where he said that Riri Williams should be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There had been Ironheart script penned by Jada Rodriguez that showed up on The Black List last year. It was unclear if Marvel Studios picked it up as it was likely done on spec and wasn’t an official Marvel script.

When a young African-American girl loses hope in humanity, she dedicates her life with the help of Tony Stark, to becoming a superhero. Not knowing she is her own worst enemy.

What the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks like in the future is going to be up-in-the-air and there is certainly wiggle-room for more diverse characters like Ironheart to be given a spotlight.


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