We’ve been curious how and when Marvel Studios will attempt to introduce mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the studio now has complete control over the characters.

Kevin Feige has suggested the main X-Men movie could be 5+ years away, but after a hint from Ryan Reynolds that Deadpool could be coming to Phase 5. This could mean we could be seeing mutants before that main X-Men movie.

I’m all ears to how they could try to bring them into the fold.

Screenwriter Drew Pearce (Hobbs and Shaw, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Iron Man 3) spoke with Collider to promote Hobbs and Shaw giving his impression about how he thinks mutants could be introduced in WandaVision.

PEARCE: “I would not be surprised if WandaVision is the way they start to bring in, for example, mutants.”

I believe Drew is suggesting some version of House of M story (Elizbeth Olsen has suggested a desire to pursue it in the past) from the comics or another reality-altering moment from Scarlet Witch that possibly ushers-in the mutants, potentially by adding a new reality that always had them in it.

WandaVision will directly lead into Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness, which might suggest that different universes could come into play with both projects.

How that could give us mutants is certainly a question for Kevin Feige.

WandaVision is set to be released sometime the spring of 2021 on Disney+.


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