With the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, MonsterVerse fans experienced vast world-building and set up for the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong. While fans wait patiently for that trailer, King of the Monsters director Michael Doughtery did an interview with ComicBookMovie where he revealed information on a previously unknown post-credits scene. While the post-credits scene we saw in theaters featured Ghidorah’s severed head, this extra post-credits scene featured Mothra.

According to Michael Doughtery, “There’s the one we shot with Charles Dance buying King Ghidorah’s head but there’s a second one that we had written, boarded, and even had the locations scouted out and costumes ready to go…It basically involved Zhang Ziyi’s character and it’s set in the aftermath of the film. She’s in Tokyo and goes into some sort of restaurant or bar and goes down a set of stairs and ends up in what looks like an ancient temple that is eerily similar to the one we saw at the beginning of the film in China.

Then, she meets up with her identical twin sister and the twin sister is expressing her concerns about whether they should go through with this or not, that these girls are so young, and they’re not sure if they’re ready,” Dougherty went on. “Ziyi says, ‘So were we once’ and they emerge into this giant chamber where we reveal a second Mothra egg and in front of that are two little girls, maybe three or four years old, also identical twins and they’re singing the Mothra song to the egg to get it to hatch.”

According to Doughtery, this would have been a special treat for Godzilla fans as it would confirm Mothra’s survival as a species along with the Mothra twins. If it made it into the final cut of the film, it would have been interesting to see how Monarch handles a new Mothra after the battle of Boston. Knowing Mothra can work in tandem with Godzilla to boost his energy levels, even if sacrificial, would be a technique worth studying and potential reverse-engineering for defense purposes.

It’s also possible this was removed with the thought of reintroducing the concept during Godzilla vs Kong. While those details are definitely under wraps, it would be nice to see Mothra return to help defeat the presumed “evil” monster once Godzilla and Kong join forces, or at least their version of that.

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