As Season 8 of Game of Thrones approaches, many fans are interested in what will happen to the Night King and Viserion. As seen in the Season 7 finale, Viserion was critically injured with an ice spear before being converted into the White Walker equivalent for a dragon.

In the script for the Season 7 finale, Viserion was referred to as an “ice dragon,” however, that doesn’t make sense as he doesn’t fit the description of an ice dragon. The only excuse for this is that Game of Thrones has decided to make him a new version of ice dragons, fitting the cold theme of the White Walkers.

The Night King’s powers are mysterious and largely unexplored due to his limited appearances. To understand what the Night King did to Viserion I think we should base speculation on how the Night King himself was created. When the First Men began invaded the land of Westeros, the native people called the Children of the Forest were less than amused. The First Men destroyed trees and other forested areas considered sacred.

To help defend themselves against the First Men, the Children of the Forest used dark magic to create the first White Walker. This ritual was conducted partially by pressing dragonglass into the chest of the victim which turned his eyes blue signaling the transformation. The second time we see a transformation again from human to White Walker is when the Night King transforms Craster’s baby boy.

It’s worth noting that the dragonglass in Game of Thrones is simply another name for obsidian. It is also one of the few materials known to have lethal effects against White Walkers. Largely found near volcanoes, it mimics how dragons were discovered in the Song of Ice & Fire series. According to the series, the Valyrians discovered the first dragons nesting around a chain of volcanoes on the Valyrian Peninsula.

Dragonglass has an affinity towards magic much like dragons, potentially making a dragon such as Viserion an augmenting agent of any magic applied to him. The script when describing what happened to Viserion stated, “He’s done the same thing to Viserion that he did to Craster’s sons. Only those were babies, and this is a dragon.” This gives an essential confirmation that Viserion isn’t a Wight.

It can be speculated that when Viserion fell into the icy waters, he was likely not fully dead. Even if he was dead, his innate magical properties likely enhanced the abilities of the Night King’s resurrection abilities. This made Viserion a White Walker version of dragons instead of a normal undead dragon. This magic may have been a related ritual to what the Children of the Forest did to make the Night King, when associating dragonglass with actual dragons in terms of magical affinity.

Comment below with your thoughts, do you think Viserion is a new type of ice dragon or a White Walker dragon? Let us know your thoughts down below and we’ll catch you guys on the next editorial!


Header Art: Viserion Wight by Simon Webber

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