There have already been theories that the Eternals could help usher-in the mutant gene into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via Celestials, but are there more people/places/things they could end up bringing along with them?

The Eternals having the Celestials tinker with their DNA millions of years ago could lead to multiple groups of this cosmic race scattered across the universe and might not have one single group. Giving them a little more stability than say The Inhumans. Thanos is an Eternal himself and his brother Starfox potential could appear in the film as character breakdowns would suggest.

This cosmic corner of the MCU would be a gateway for a wave of characters that might have otherwise had a harder time to make it to the big screen.

HERCULES/OLYMPIANS: There is a good chance we could see some major crossover with Hercules and the Olympians, if not seeing them become a sect of Eternals themselves. In a recent character breakdown for The Eternals movie, there is a suggestion that Hercules or a possible Olympian might have a key role in the movie. Again, they both use the names of existing Greek/Roman gods, so combining the two into one group would likely make it less confusing for audiences.

Interesting enough, in the pages of Thor comics, the two god-like cosmic societies cohabitated and also fought each other. Seeing them combined as one type of cosmic race wouldn’t be terribly shocking.

Hercules and Sersi (reportedly the main role of the Eternals movie) happened to be members of the Avengers around the same time as well. He’s also an openly gay character and could become the first in the MCU if handled correctly.

ASGARD’S NEW HOME: As I said above, there is a direct connection to The Eternals and the pages of Thor. With Asgard now gone and the few remaining Asgardian refuges that seemingly escape with Valkyrie now homeless, one place they could find a new home is Olympus/Olympia among the Eternals and Olympians. Seeing all three Jack Kirby god-like groups rub against each other could lead to power struggles and possible conflicts.

SQUADRON SUPREME: Another group of heroes I’d love to see make their debut in the MCU would be The Squadron Supreme, originally created as Avengers villains they were eventually given their own run of solo comics.

Created by Roy Thomas, the same writer that connected the Asgardians, Olympians, and Eternals in the pages of Thor. Having them intersect with the Eternals wouldn’t be terribly strange. They are essentially Marvel’s knock-off the Justice League and could easily be retrofitted to become part of the Eternals family with some tweaking of their power-sets and costume designs.

The roster consists of Hyperion, Nighthawk, Doctor Spectrum, Power Princess, Amphibian, Thundra, Tom Thumb, Skrullian Skymaster (a Skrull), and the Whizzer (appeared in Jessica Jones).

NAMOR/ATLANTIS: While we’ve had plenty of hints/Easter Eggs to Atlantis and Namor The Submariner, the Prince/King of Atlantis has yet to make his MCU debut. There are a couple of ways he could be introduced as always being on Earth secretly underwater, which would automatically see comparisons to James Wan’s incarnation of Aquaman. Snyder/Wan’s version seemingly taking a lot of cues from the less-campy Namor to give Arthur a little more of a fighting chance to break away from the oddball history of that hero, which is fair for them to try something different.

One of the Grandmaster’s guards in Thor: Ragnarok looked like a possible Atlantean, which might hint that the kingdom and Namor himself might be aliens rather than a species of humanoid never seen in the MCU previously hidden under Earth’s oceans. Giving them a little a cosmic twist since Namor’s WWII connections to Captain America have seemingly been thrown out. Having them on an ocean planet could also give rise to interesting and unique underwater creature designs as well.

Making Namor cosmic could be an issue of sorts as he’s officially the first mutant in the pages of Marvel Comics. But, then again, the Celestials could have also developed the Atlanteans as well or they could end up a sect of Eternals, not unlike how I picture they’ll tackle the Olympians.

AGENTS OF ATLAS: An interesting superhero team I hope to see in the near future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe includes Jimmy Woo’s (played by Randall Park) Agents of Agents of Atlas.

Atlas seems to have seeds planted thanks to Woo’s introduction in Ant-Man and The Wasp, but it remains to be comprehended if he’ll be anything more than comedic relief. My hope is that Randall Park is given a little more to do within this universe moving forward.

One of the main members of the team happens to be Namor’s cousin Namora. Other members of Atlas include Gorilla Man, Human-Robot aka M-11, Venus, The Uranian, and 3-D Man. Venus could easily be an Eternal.

Marvel Studios, if they wanted, could make the bench for The Eternals as deep as the X-Men or Avengers if they really wanted to. The Quantum Realm is also still a mystery to how it will factor in future Phase 4 stuff and beyond. Yet, there is a chance that the Eternals could have a connection in some sort of way.

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