So, we’ve now officially seen Steve Trevor as he’ll appear in Wonder Woman 1984 after months of rumor and speculation. His inclusion is confusing to a point though considering that we saw Steve Trevor die in the first Wonder Woman film which took place in 1917. So how exactly could Steve have survived, let alone look pretty much the same almost 70 years later?

Well our first option has its roots in the 70s live action Wonder Woman series which starred Linda Carter in the title role. The beginning of that series took place in the 1940s during World War II as many of Wonder Woman’s early comic adventures had. However, later in the show it was decided to move the series to the then contemporary times of the 1970s as a cost saving measure. However, they didn’t want to lose Lyle Waggoner’s Steve Trevor, so when the time jump happened after season 1, they created the character of Steve Trevor Jr., the identical son of Steve Trevor. Now, as far as we know, Steve had no children before her died, but he did have other family members back home. As a tribute to their fallen loved one, one of his siblings could have named their son after him and then they in turn gave their son the name Steve as well. So, the Steve we’re seeing is actually Steve Trevor III, who could be created to get Chris Pine back for the sequel.

Another option is that Steve actually doesn’t come back in Wonder Woman 1984. In a manner similar to Dennis Leary returning as Captain Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man 2, this “Steve” we see in the image could just be a mental image that Diana’s seeing as a physical representation of her regrets and doubts. Hopefully if this is the case, they’ll handle it better than Spider-Man did and Steve won’t just stare at her in disappointment from random locations.

A third option could be that, maybe the Gods weren’t all actually killed by Ares and they’re the reason Steve is back. After seeing his sacrifice in the face of Ares’s plan they spirited him away from his plane at the last moment and are just now returning him to Earth. Whether they did something to him or were just able to move him through time is unclear.

Then there’s the comic book option, which is unlikely, but elements of it could carry over. In the 80s in Wonder Woman’s comic, Steve Trevor had dies there, and a Steve Trevor from another universe had wound up on Paradise Island of Earth one. Aphrodite then used a special mist to remove the memory of Steve Trevor’s death from everyone on Earth’s minds. When Wonder Woman found this out, Aphrodite somehow implanted the original Steve’s memories into the new one’s, basically turning him into Earth-One’s Steve. This version of Steve was then turned into the villain Captain Wonder by Wonder Woman villain Doctor Psycho. Likely all of this won’t take place in the DC film universe, but if they wanted to use elements of it, like Steve gaining powers or becoming a villain against his will it’s there to adapt.

We’ll have to wait and seen what direction Jenkins decides to go with for Steve’s appearance in 1984. Hopefully it’s one fans can get behind.

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