With Pet Sematary set to release into theaters soon, fans are excited to see yet another Stephen King novel adapted onto the big screen. However, what many fans may not know is that all Stephen King novels are technically connected. There are multiple universes listed in this multiverse including All-World which was featured in The Dark Tower and Todash Space aka The Macroverse which was featured in The Mist.

With franchises such as IT and Pet Sematary, they technically take place within a mainstream universe. Calling it a mainstream universe is already a pun in certain ways as their settings are set in Maine. IT takes place in Derry, Maine while Pet Sematary takes place in Ludlow, Maine. This is presumed to be due to Stephen King being a native of Durham, Maine.

Now an interesting connection between both IT and Pet Semetary stems from Georgie Denbrough and Gage Creed. Georgie, unfortunately, died at the hands of the creature IT early in the book when he was 6 years old, a moment that sets the general plot into motion.

With Gage, he was killed by a car while only still 3 years old. Similar to Georgie, his death set many events into motion with the plot of the book. Both kids were properly buried at Mt. Hope Cemetery. While a minor connection in some people’s eyes, there’s also a connection based upon speculation.

As The Dark Tower exists at the nexus of every universe, certain creatures and mysterious elements come from The Macroverse. This is the home of “the mist,” IT, Cthun, and presumably more monsters. In certain speculations, The Wendigo is also a creature from this space of reality, haunting Ludlow, Maine in a similar way to how IT haunts Derry, Maine.

This theory isn’t confirmed but would be an interesting way for more monsters to be introduced or explained in future Stephen King adaptations or spin-offs. Comment below with your favorite Stephen King book and if you’re excited for Pet Semetary!

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