Since the debut of Spider-Man, he’s worn various suits for various purposes. Originally in the Spider-Man comics, his suit was red & black. The reason we know him as wearing red & blue is because the color was used for lighting the black colored areas in that period of comics. Eventually over time artists started using blue of various shades instead of black with blue to help make the different parts stand-out.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker will don 2 new suits confirmed as of writing this editorial. His initial “Stark Suit” which first appeared in Captain America: Civil War does appear in the trailer, seemingly used by him when he first begins working with Nick Fury. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man wears in most promotional material the Stark Suit from Iron Man. This suit, besides having the A.I. system Karen, gave Spider-Man 576 web-shooter combinations, web wings, & a lot more features such as a little drone. At the end of the film we see our first look at the MCU’s version of the “Iron Spider” suit.

This was the suit worn for the majority of Avengers: Infinity War which had extra features such as nanites to form the suit, spider-legs, & protection in environments with limited oxygen levels. Why he doesn’t continue to use this suit is unknown but possibly related to PTSD he’s rumored to have in the film related to his “death.”

Based on set photos & the trailer we know Spidey gets some new outfits while he’s in London. The first of the new suits is a stealth suit provided by Nick Fury. This is an all-black traditional stealth suit including SHIELD symbols, essentially Spidey’s version of what Captain America wore for SHIELD in Captain America: Winter Solder. The second suit is the red & black suit this editorial will primarily focus on.

Presumably the new red & black suit is the “Stark Suit MK3” based upon the similarities to the initial suit from Tony. We saw in the trailer it carries over the web wings to provide gliding capabilities so it’s safe to say likely 95% of capabilities from the first Stark Suit will remain. The biggest changes will be new features such as the possibility of Spidey using new spider-legs and/or nanites like the Iron Spider suit possessed.

But how does Peter get this new suit? Even though I call it the Stark Suit MK3 many people online assume SHIELD, courtesy of Nick Fury, provides the suit. This would be similar to how Ultimate Nick Fury presented Miles Morales with his black & red suit along with how he mentored Ultimate Peter Parker.

Nick Fury or SHIELD seem like unlikely candidates for the new red & black suit however due to how they already give the black stealth suit. That suit has SHIELD symbols & seems very lowkey. I think it may be a hint that SHIELD is not back to a position of pre-Winter Soldier power, so they’re scaled down to more spy-oriented operations again.

The most likely option is Tony Stark aka Iron Man. This could be done both from beyond-the-grave or while he’s still alive if he’s not dead. It seems to make more sense Happy would be the person that gives Peter the suit considering his role in the MCU Spidey films. We see he flirts with Aunt May, but he doesn’t join Peter on his class trip thus he must head to Europe later into the film.

In the trailer during a scene that looks like he’s talking to Peter he’s inside of a private jet so it’s possible then is when Peter receives the suit. How long he keeps the suit is another story but maybe Peter embraces the new red & black suit as his new default.

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