Thanks to TV Spots and the IMAX trailer that was released for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, we finally have enough pieces to the puzzle to figure out how Ghidorah is awoken. At the Monarch facility in Antarctica, the characters of paleobiologist Dr. Emma Russell along with her daughter Madison Russell are analyzing data next to Ghidorah frozen in a sheet of ice.

It’s unknown what’s being analyzed besides the scans of brain activity indicating Ghidorah is still alive underneath the ice. It’s interesting because Ghidorah may have been released as a test for the Orca device, stated to allow for communication and potential manipulation of the Titans. It would also make sense for the scene of Ghidorah awakening to occur after Dr. Russell finds Mothra as shown in early trailers.

Presumably, she uses the Orca on Mothra which provides her with the confidence to attempt it on Ghidorah. My personal theory is that Ghidorah isn’t as responsive to the Orca as he is alien in nature. The Orca, if it operates similar to how actual Orcas communicate, would use sound waves. These soundwaves or potentially unknown waves would use sounds of certain frequencies to communicate and later persuade certain actions to the targeted Titan.

This isn’t too dissimilar to how Aquaman can communicate and command the aquatic life within the oceans. However, Ghidorah’s alien biology and three different heads may make the Orca less effective. I wouldn’t be surprised if it agitates Ghidorah instead of calming Ghidorah which would explain Ghidorah’s instant hostility upon being freed from the ice.

As footage has shown, small detonators are placed along the wall of ice, with Dr. Russell using a switch to make everything in the immediate area explode as Jonah Alan (played by Charles Dance) watches on. From here we see the human characters leaving in an osprey while Dr. Mark Russell and armed soldiers are running away from the site, which is now collapsing into the icy waters below.

It appears Ghidorah releases a pulse of yellow energy which helps sink the surrounding area. The destruction of the facility creates a fiery pit which makes it appear as if Ghidorah rises from Hell. From here Ghidorah begins attacking the nearby soldiers until Godzilla arrives commencing their first battle in potentially centuries. Godzilla unleashes a powerful beam of atomic breath which is dodged by Ghidorah as it responds with its gravity beams.

It’s unknown who technically will win this battle but it’s safe to assume Ghidorah defeats Godzilla as the movie is 132 minutes in runtime. I would personally enjoy seeing Ghidorah turn the Orca on humanity somehow through him maybe mimicking the sound waves. If Ghidorah has the intelligence to understand what the Orca does, it would essentially give him the capability to communicate and/or control other Titans.

I would find that challenge interesting for Godzilla but likely a plot hole would develop surrounding how Godzilla is immune. Leave your thoughts down below, how do you think Ghidorah will be affected by The Orca device?

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