After ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters,’ fans of the MonsterVerse have turned their attentions to ‘Godzilla vs Kong.’ While this will be a fun battle to witness, it’s difficult to fathom how this battle will be even. Based upon Godzilla’s power levels by the end of his battle with Ghidorah, it seems far-fetched to believe any Titan could compete. This belief is augmented when you consider how Titans such as Kong don’t even have supernatural abilities to compete with Godzilla’s atomic breath. Ghidorah at least had his gravity beams as a counterattack but the best Kong can hope for is that he dodges each atomic breath directed at him. However, what if Kong could be enhanced to better combat Godzilla?

Before we get too deep into this editorial, I want to clarify this is strictly speculation and for purposes of entertainment. I don’t actually think this will happen in ‘Godzilla vs Kong.’
During ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters,’ references were made to a black market dedicated to the transaction of Titan biology. In certain scientists’ hands, this can be used for medicines or general studies on how Titan biology works. It was also speculated in the newspaper clippings shown during the credits that experimentation had been conducted on Skull Island.

If this was genetic experimentation it could lead to the possibility of a chimera Titan. Especially with the revelation of Ghidorah’s head, this chimera Titan likely would take inspiration from the false king. Yet let’s take a step back and have some fun speculating.
One of Ghidorah’s most interesting abilities was his energy-related abilities. Ghidorah showcased not only the ability to release electrical-like energies but also the ability to absorb energy. He showed this during his battle with Godzilla when he absorbed energy from power lines along with absorbing part of the energy Godzilla had post-power up.

Considering these abilities, it would be crazy if genetic material was added to Kong in order to enhance him for a fight against Godzilla. Gifting Kong with these abilities, while sounding absolutely bonkers, could act as a nice callback to the original King Kong vs Godzilla movie. In this iteration of the character, King Kong could absorb energy and release electrical blasts. It’s unknown how Ghidorah’s genetic material would need to be added to Kong in order to make logical sense within the MonsterVerse but it oddly wouldn’t be unbelievable.

Kong having Ghidorah-like abilities on Skull Island would definitely be beneficial, as Skull Island is surrounded by perpetual storms. Considering a side-effect of Ghidorah’s abilities and biology was creating localized storms, Skull Island already having constant storms could prove as an advantage for Kong. The addition of Ghidorah’s genetic materials could also prove useful with Kong claiming the throne as alpha of the Titans. A unique ability Ghidorah displayed during ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ was a roar that could be heard worldwide.

Along with the far reach of the roar, Ghidorah was immediately recognized as the alpha until Godzilla killed him. Having that serve as an additional side effect due to receiving Ghidorah’s genetic material would be an interesting boost for Kong.

While these upgrades to Kong would help level the battlefield, they are very likely not going to happen in ‘Godzilla vs Kong.’ It’s been stated a few times that Kong is going to depend on his speed, intelligence, and anatomical advantages to compete with Godzilla. However, if you liked this fun speculation, leave your thoughts down below. What type of upgrade do you think Kong should receive in order to be competitive against Godzilla?

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I believe Godzilla is the true King of the Monsters. While i think Kong can dance around and avoid being slaughtered right off the bat in the end i believe Godzilla will be the victor. If anything, i would like to see these two battle and then team up against a bigger threat. That would be my dream scenario.