With Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe set to be formally announced in the upcoming months, fans are excited to hear any news regarding previous FOX-owned characters entering the MCU. One franchise many people are excited about specifically is the Fantastic Four aka Marvel’s first family. When it comes to adapting the Fantastic Four there are many views on whether it should be a time period film or set in the current MCU. A very popular idea is to have at least the first Fantastic Four film take place in the 1960s, with their accident causing them to venture to another universe or dimension which then takes them back to post-Endgame MCU.

This could work, along with using plotlines of nations such as Sokovia being reorganized as Latveria, which would work well as they share similar fictional locations in Europe. Of course, a question would be how Marvel would bridge the Fantastic Four with the current film franchises assumed to received sequels in Phase 4. The answer may be a sequel to ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp,’ especially as Director Peyton Reed has already expressed interest in adapting the Fantastic Four into the MCU.

The timelines would all fit, as a young Dr. Hank Pym could be a student under Dr. Reed Richards. Having Reed Richards mentor Hank Pym and potentially help discover the Pym Particles wouldn’t be out of the blue. In the comics, Reed Richards once made the revelation to Hank Pym that he discovered the Pym Particles before him yet kept it a secret. The knowledge and development of the Pym Particles could be related to the creation of the unstable molecules as well, which is something well-known to the Fantastic Four mythos.

Another opportunity to use Antman’s franchise as a bridge for the Fantastic Four would be the Quantum Realm. While different than their traditional cosmic energy from space origins, the Quantum Realm provides enough mystery and still ties into the FF’s exploratory nature. This could also explain Hank Pym’s fear of the Quantum Realm as he seemed to be fully aware of the dangers of going into it before Janey disappeared. The same technology used to find and bring back Janet could be used to bring back the Fantastic Four if they’re stuck in the Quantum Realm.

Going off of this theory, Janet’s reveal of being enhanced after years of Quantum Realm exposure would transition smoothly into explaining the Fantastic Four’s powers. If Janet can gain the abilities she had after about 30 years and Ghost could gain her abilities after a singular blast, the logic is sound for any member of the FF to have abilities after nearly 60 years in the Quantum Realm (assuming they’re lost in the 1960s). Speaking of Ghost, part of her abilities included invisibility and intangibility which aren’t dissimilar to the abilities of Sue Storm.

Another reason this would make sense is that the Fantastic Four, in the comics, have a great relationship with Scott Lang. At one point in the comics, the founding members of the Fantastic Four had to leave Earth for an unknown amount of time. During this situation, Reed Richards left Scott Lang in charge of the Future Foundation along with being in charge of a temporary Fantastic Four team consisting of himself, Medusa, She-Hulk, and Miss Thing. With this relationship, it makes the FF spawning from the Ant-Man franchise more logical than Spider-Man operating under Iron Man’s shadow.

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