A new casting rumor from TheIlluminerdi is claiming that Oscar-winner Tilda Swinton has landed the female lead role in HBO’s upcoming Parasite series based on the recent four-time Oscar winner from writer/director Bong Joon Ho. 

Here is the meat of that article. 

It was already reported that Adam McKay (Succession) was partnering with Bong Joon-ho on the project, and that Mark Ruffalo was being considered for the role of the male lead.

 While the latter lead to some conflicting responses, The Illuminerdi’s sources also confirm that Ruffalo has been offered the part – though it has yet to be officially accepted. 

Additionally, we can also confirm that Tilda Swinton is currently set as the female lead in the upcoming Parasite series.

While Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short) is handling the English version of the project Bong Joon Ho is also involved and it would make sense for people that he’s worked with stateside seeking roles in the Parasite series. 

Tilda and Bong Joon Ho worked alongside each other on the science fiction comedy Ojka for Netflix. 

A previous report from Collider had some early news that Mark Ruffalo was also offered a lead role as well. 

Mark and Tilda last year shared a scene in the monster-hit Avengers: Endgame as Hulk/Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange’s The Ancient One, respectively. 

The Marvel Studios connection is apparent not only with the actors but Adam McKay is involved as well. He’s worked on the Ant-Man movies previously and has expressed interest in tackling a solo Silver Surfer movie for the studio.

Parasite won a staggering four Oscars this past Sunday which included Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best International Film. 

The film’s distribution company NEON is reportedly upping the North American theater count to around 2,000 screens allowing audiences access to the Best Picture winner. 

As a fan of the original film I’m kind of hoping that the HBO series is different enough from the Korean version to enjoy both projects on a different level as there are plenty of inventive ways to switch things up and not make a carbon copy of the film, which is sort of what I’m afraid could happen.

Bong Joon Ho brings his singular mastery home to Korea in this pitch-black modern fairytale. 

Meet the Park Family: the picture of aspirational wealth. And the Kim Family, rich in street smarts but not much else. Be it chance or fate, these two houses are brought together and the Kims sense a golden opportunity. Masterminded by college-aged Ki-woo, the Kim children expediently install themselves as tutor and art therapist, to the Parks.

 Soon, a symbiotic relationship forms between the two families. 

The Kims provide “indispensable” luxury services while the Parks obliviously bankroll their entire household. When a parasitic interloper threatens the Kims’ newfound comfort, a savage, underhanded battle for dominance breaks out, threatening to destroy the fragile ecosystem between the Kims and the Parks. 

By turns darkly hilarious and heart-wrenching, PARASITE showcases a modern master at the top of his game.


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