While we can expect that HBO Max will include Monsterverse releases such as Godzilla (2014), Kong: Skull Island (2017), Godzilla: King of The Monsters (2019), and eventually Godzilla vs Kong (2020), fans might be getting a bunch of the classic Godzilla films as well.


Fans might be pleased to hear that the streaming service will be partnering with The Criterion Collection to bring decades of classic movies to HBO Max including the original Godzilla (1954) film that will be available at launch.

We were able to spot the Criterion Collection cover of Godzilla in the library of classics during the HBO Max presentation, check out the screenshot below.


Godzilla (a.k.a. Gojira) is the roaring granddaddy of all monster movies. It’s also a remarkably humane and melancholy drama, made in Japan at a time when the country was reeling from nuclear attack and H-bomb testing in the Pacific. Its rampaging radioactive beast, the poignant embodiment of an entire population’s fears, became a beloved international icon of destruction, spawning almost thirty sequels. A thrilling, tactile spectacle that continues to be a cult phenomenon, the original, 1954 Japanese version is presented here, along with Godzilla, King of the Monsters, the 1956 “Americanized” version.

The Criterion Collection has released 15 Godzilla films spanning from 1954 to 1975 with their set Godzilla: The Showa-Era Films. This collection very well could end up landing on the streaming service.

Here are the following titles from Criterion that would likely land on HBO Max if they were able to include the Showa-Era Films set.

  • Godzilla 1954
  • Godzilla Raids Again 1955
  • King Kong vs. Godzilla 1963
  • Mothra vs. Godzilla 1964
  • Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster 1964
  • Invasion of Astro-Monster 1965
  • Ebirah, Horror of the Deep 1966
  • Son of Godzilla 1967
  • Destroy All Monsters 1968
  • All Monsters Attack 1969
  • Godzilla vs. Hedorah 1971
  • Godzilla vs. Gigan 1972
  • Godzilla vs. Megalon 1973
  • Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 1974
  • Terror of Mechagodzilla 1975 

It would be interesting if they were able to get all of the Godzilla movies, but possibly getting access to at least 15 of these classics is still pretty damn exciting.

HBO Max will launch in May 2020 with a price of $14.99 per month.


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