Hasbro recently had a Q4 earnings call to investors and TokuNation was seemingly listening on that when CEO Brian Goldner was saying when came to the future of Power Rangers movies, as the company purchased the Power Rangers from Saban last year (along with other stuff like My Pet Monster).

According to TN, Goldner briefly mentions in the investors call that Hasbro is currently in discussions with Paramount Pictures about movies. Although they weren’t able to grab quotes from the call even though it’s likely that Goldner said this we couldn’t find anything to support the Paramount talk (some advice to websites if you hear something quotable via public statements, write it down and document it).

While I was able to find Hasbro talking about Power Rangers on their investor website concerning this very real earnings presentation, they failed to put the Paramount/Power Rangers thing in writing or in their powerpoint presentation. We cannot independently confirm that was actually said on the earnings call based on the materials provided by Hasbro themselves about the call.

UPDATE: We were finally able to get the quotes from the call (via NickALive! and Seibertron) and here is exactly what CEO Brian Goldner had to say on the call. Brian fails to directly mention any actual talks with Paramount about a Power Rangers film at any point in the call, it’s just inferred by some of these statements. 

“The 2020 plans and beyond are even more robust because we get it for a full year and then we do intend to add a movie to the mix in the next few years and so. Again, we will build this brand. This brand had been far bigger in the past than what it was at present and we feel like there is a lot of opportunity. It reminds me of a lot of the early days of some of our Hasbro brands where we looked at how big they have been in their history and asked ourselves how big could we make this in the future. We believe in the power and potential of Power Rangers.”

Speaking about working with Paramount with the Transformers franchise. 

“On Transformers, in the fourth quarter was up both in the US and internationally, so, up overall. We really successfully reengaged fans and families with Bumblebee. It’s done over $450 million globally. The early indications as we enter the New Year are for a strong ESP and home entertainment window, and we believe that the enterprise for Bumblebee, including the film, is profitable for Hasbro go forward. Obviously, we’re in the early days. Haven’t hit the home entertainment window yet. We haven’t even opened in Japan yet, and the movie is still in theaters. We knew In addition to the feature film, which is an important element and we are working on new films ideas with Paramount in partnership with Jim Giannopoulos and that team, and they’re fantastic, we also have television on Cartoon Network, Netflix offering, and preschool offering. So across the board, it’s a brand that really embodies our brand blueprint strategy, and we continue to believe very strongly in the power of the franchise.”

Then again, it seems like a no-brainer considering that Paramount is deeply involved with many other Hasbro projects like Bumblebee and the upcoming G.I. Joe spin-off/soft-reboot Snake Eyes, a Power Rangers movie feels like something that fit their new wave of IP movies.

I know fans of the last film are holding onto the hope that Paramount will keep that cast and bring back director Dean Israelite for future Power Rangers movies, but if you look at what they’re currently doing with G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a reboot is likely in the cards. Paramount would also have zero obligation to honor actor contracts from the Saban/Lionsgate era since they are now deader than a doornail and a studio like Paramount would likely want their own selections in those roles.

The 2017 film was made for $100 million but only managed to earn $142 million globally, a clear flop for Lionsgate.

If they are indeed speaking with Paramount it won’t be too long before Paramount/Hasbro or trades make some announcement.


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