According to new reports by Variety, Warner Brothers hasn’t given up hope yet on a Green Lantern Corps film despite a focus on other projects. From what is known, the story and general creative vision is still very much connected to Geoff Johns. This shouldn’t be a surprise as Johns essentially reinvented the character’s mythology for DC Comics during Green Lantern: Rebirth.

With a reboot for Green Lantern, speculation has ranged ever since the lackluster reception of 2011’s Green Lantern about a complete retelling of Hal Jordan’s origin or a buddy-cop style reboot which could be absent of Hal altogether. In this case the lead would be John Stewart, a character popular with DC fans after his inclusion within the DCAU via Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Alternatively, as Variety notes in their original report, Warner Bros. may allow Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Supergirl) to adapt the franchise as a TV series instead. In this case, fans on social media have already asked that John Diggle become the Arrowverse incarnation of John Stewart.

Beyond embracing the darker undercurrents of the DC canon, the company is also revisiting characters that they believe were ill-served by previous big screen adventures. “Green Lantern Corps” remains a priority despite the fact that 2011’s “Green Lantern” was a high-profile commercial disaster. Johns is delivering a script at the end of the year. The project may be presented to Abrams and Bad Robot to see if the company would be interested in producing the picture. However, Greg Berlanti, another major talent on the Warner lot, is partnering with Johns on a “Green Lantern” television show. There’s speculation that relationship could lead to his involvement in a feature film.


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