HN Entertainment has been able to confirm that veteran visual effects supervisor John Dykstra has joined the team working on Universal’s The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle starring Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. in the titular role.

John’s extensive credits include Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Ghost In The Shell, Kong: Skull Island, X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: First Class, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, The Hateful Eight, Inglourious Basterds, Dune, Godzilla, Django Unchained, Ghostbusters II, Batman Forever, and the original Star Wars.

The cast consists of Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Selena Gomez, Rami Malek, Michael Sheen, Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Marion Cotillard, Octavia Spencer, Jim Broadbent, John Cena, and Antonio Banderas.

Back in April, TheHollywoodReporter revealed that Ninja Turtles director Jonathan Liebesman would be tackling the film’s reshoots that were expected to take place over 21 days with Lego Batman’s Chris McKay reportedly also involved.

Voyage also has a hefty budget of $175 million, it’s unknown if those reshoots have ballooned the budget or not.

Filming primarily took place at Shepperton Studios.

Robert Downey Jr. is also expected to reprise the role of Sherlock Holmes in a third installment directed by Rocketman’s Dexter Fletcher and could begin shooting in early 2020.

Universal Pictures has set the film’s release date for January 17th, 2020.


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