Game of Thrones creator and author George R.R. Martin has revealed some nifty information about his former Game of Thrones team on his personal blog. He states that three-time Emmy-winning producer/writer Bryan Cogman is “helping out” on Amazon’s live-action Lord of The Rings series. He didn’t elaborate on what that means but given the scale of the adaptation they’d need a lot of writers/producers to get that together before it started shooting.

Amazon scooped up Bryan Cogman, and put him to work on developing shows of his own, as well as helping out on their big Tolkien project.  

If Cogman indeed joins the writing team he’d be working alongside Patrick McKay and John D. Payne on the high-fantasy series. Bryan recently wrote on Disney’s The Sword In The Stone live-action film based on the animated film.

We don’t know too much about the series other than it will take place in the Second Age of Middle-Earth and will likely cover the creation of the Rings of Power along with the rise of the Dark Lord of Mordor, Sauron.

There has been some expectation that Amazon will return to New Zealand for the shoot but hasn’t been officially confirmed by the streaming service.


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