Winter is here! We’ve waited nearly two years to see what’ll happen next after that explosive Season 7 finale, and witnessing the Night King lay waste to the Wall. Fan expectations are sky high with a series like ‘Thrones’ due to the relationships built with the core characters since 2011. It’s also somewhat bittersweet, as we know the series is finally coming to an end, in several extra sized episodes.

The Season 8 premiere is definitely something many are likely not expecting. Rather than an action-packed opening, the show chose to give us the calm before the storm. An episode that mostly revolved around old friends reuniting, and some major revelations, like Jon finding out he’s the rightful king of the seven kingdoms. Overall, I dug the episode, though I realize some might not have. Here’s hoping the story will feel complete rather than rushed, like some of the past seasons have due to veering off of the books, and provide a conclusion that is both satisfying, yet surprising. Check out the video below to get my full spoilers recap and review.

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