The penultimate episode to Thrones has arrived, and it will definitely leave fans divided. If Battle of Winterfell proved anything, it’s that Benioff and Weiss are going to do things with this final season that no one is really expecting. Even if that means using characters in ways that go against previous development. The White Walkers fell in a single episode, and this time, Cersei and all of King’s Landing suffers the same fate. Dany goes full “Mad Queen” and burns the city to a crisp.

While I still don’t really know how to feel about how everything in this show is wrapping up, I can’t say I’m not still interested, even if slightly. It was a little disappointing that for everything Cersei did, she died after some rocks fell on her head. I did think it was pretty cool that The Mountain and The Hound got to have their rematch, you could tell Sandor was really looking forward to that, and it ended exactly how I thought it would. With everything that shakes down this episode, I can only imagine that Dany will meet her end at the hands of Jon or Arya, who both witnessed the destruction of innocent lives first-hand. Probably my least favorite part of this episode was the fact that Varys had to die, but I figure he knew it was coming once he found out the truth about Jon. There was no way he’d keep that to himself, especially since he was unsure about Dany to begin with. For my full recap and thoughts, be sure to check out the video below.

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I think Arya srark will kill danerys