After last week’s epic Battle of Winterfell, we were expecting more of a return to form for this episode, at least based on the preview. This episode had to move back towards the human drama and fight for the Iron Throne, after dealing with the White Walker threat. It was essentially Daenerys vs Cersei, the main event.

Now just to start off, this is probably my least favorite episode of this season thus far. While it is a return to what many expect of Thrones, I felt like there were certain character decisions that kind of betrayed arcs that were firmly set in place. Specifically Jaime Lannister’s decision to once again ride south to protect his murderous sister. We’ve spent several seasons building towards Jaime’s redemption, and at the end of last season, his sister was ready to kill him for riding North. It felt like that was a real turning point for the character. He was no longer acting in service of Cersei, he was his own man. Well, unfortunately this episode goes back on all of that. I know many will likely be upset by the death of Missandei to cap off the episode, I certainly am. As always, for my full thoughts be sure to check out the video below.

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