Ever since the conclusion of the Skywalker Saga, fans have wondered what’s next for the popular franchise. While Disney’s sequel trilogy has received mixed reception at best, the next installment of Star Wars media will reportedly take place in the past. Specifically, 400 years prior to the Skywalker Saga during a time period known as the “High Republic Era,” which included fundamental events to Star Wars canon. Some of these events include Darth Bane creating the infamous Sith “rule of two,” a young Yoda, and major Jedi-Sith conflicts.

Apparently, Lucasfilm is looking to produce Star Wars media set in this time period within comic books, novels, video games, and movies. The plot will reportedly involve a group of Jedi exploring the then-unknown regions of the Galaxy, which will lead them into various conflicts, including an ancient evil (described as “Sith Gods” according to the source). To make things more interesting, the new time period will be introduced to fans of Star Wars with a new video game expected to be announced within the next year.

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SOURCE: Making Star Wars

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