In a new interview with FoxNext conducted by Variety, it’s now being revealed that their Amanda Ripley slogan ReadWatchPlay, won’t be including a new Alien film. I think people can stop expecting to hear announcements about Alien: Awakening or Alien 5 anytime soon.

However, it’s expected to expand the universe from the perspective of Amanda.

“Alien: Blackout,” the mobile survival horror game revealed earlier this week, is part of a broader 20th Century Fox initiative to tell new stories in the franchise around Amanda Ripley. The initiative, branded around the “ReadWatchPlay” slogan, won’t include any other games, nor is it tied to a new feature film, 20th Century Fox’s FoxNext tells Variety. “ReadWatchPlay is referring to individual entries for each one,” said TQ Jefferson, vice president of external development at FoxNext. “It’s exploring different elements of Amanda Ripley’s saga. ‘Alien: Blackout’ is a standalone premium mobile game. It’s not promotional for any other component of the Alien franchise. “The slogan is the rallying cry for the activity that is going to touch upon Amanda Ripley’s story in the immediate future.”

The mobile game Alien: Blackout is the play component (an MMO shooter is also in the works at Cold Iron Studios), the upcoming comic book Aliens: Resistance from publisher Dark Horse Comics is the read component and the if watch component isn’t a film, could a series/shorts (animated or live-action) be on the way?

I first reported last year at OmegaUnderground that there was internal chatter at 20th Century Fox about a series set within the Alien universe, there is a very good chance this could what the project was.

Concerning the film side of the franchise, the last concrete up was from Fox’s head Stacey Snider that said Ridley Scott and Emma Watts would be working together to figure out the next step for the Alien universe after the luke-warm release of Alien: Covenant seemingly iced the purposed Alien: Awakening. Although, Snider is reportedly about to leave the studio with Emma Watts getting a promotion as she’ll oversee the studio while reporting to Disney’s Alan Horn.

We haven’t heard anything concerning Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 either after the production was placed on hiatus to focus on Scott’s Covenant, which seemed like a like miscalculation as the film didn’t end up making even half of what Prometheus did. Blomkamp has since abandoned that for projects like MGM’s RoboCop Returns and his original film Greenland at STX. Despite talk from James Cameron years back that he thinks the script is “gangbusters” and Sigourney Weaver recently stating that she’s still open to reprising the Ripley role for Blomkamp’s Alien 5 once the two of them are less busy.

20th Century Fox is looking at the 40th Anniversary of Ridley Scott’s original Alien and there are some high expectations from fans concerning fresh content announcements on Alien Day in April.


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