I’ve been saying for a while now that the rumored Black Widow synopsis making the rounds online is not legit and there is now someone official that can support this.

While speaking with DiscussingFilm for an upcoming interview, former Black Widow writer-director David Hayter has revealed that the synopsis posing as the one for the Marvel Studios film is actually from his original incarnation that was at Liongsgate years ago.

“And somebody just put out a synopsis of the upcoming film based on my script because it was essentially an origin story but they basically described what my logline was.”

The quote was released to us ahead of the interview’s posting which we will update here once it’s uploaded on their YouTube channel.

UPDATE: At the 10 minutes 20-second point of the interview, Hayter refers to the online synopsis being from his incarnation and unlikely from this new version from Marvel Studios. 

This would preclude that the synopsis online hinting to the film is a prequel of sorts likely isn’t true considering the 2004 setting was likely originally eyed for the Hayter film. It does sound like the project synopsis being ten years old could explain a lot of the issues a prequel would bring up.

The current version of the script was written by Jac Schaeffer and recently Marvel hired director Cate Shortland. Scarlett Johansson reportedly got a massive payday for reprising the role and it’s been said that filming could begin in early 2019 (possibly taking over Guardians 3’s production slot)

While it’s not confirmed, there is chatter that Black Widow’s release date could take the May 1st, 2020 spot.


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