Spider-Man: Far From Home will launch Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 and will see the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man take his crime fighting skills to a global scale. 

In the movie, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is recruited by Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury to work alongside Jake Gyllenhaal’s Quentin Beck aka Mysterio to tackle a group of new super-villains called The Elementals. This has led to a new outfit that Spider-Man will wear in the film that looks to have more of a stealthy/tactical look, potentially to hide his idenity as Spider-Man. 

Our pal DanielRPK (SuperBroMovies) posted the first image of Holland in this new stealth suit on his Twitter account. 

It’s being referred to as the stealth suit but obviously takes some design influence from the Spider-Man Noir suit from the video game Shattered Dimensions. 

The costume had been previously spotted on set in Europe over the summer and earlier in the week via Brazilian news outlet Omelete that posted photos of the outfit that was on display by Sony Pictures at CCXP 2019. However, this new image from Daniel is the first time we’ve seen a shot taken directly from the actual film. 

Sony Pictures has set the release date of Spider-Man: Far From Home for July 5th, 2019. 


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